Fenix Marine Services

Terminal Guide

Fenix Marine Services is on Terminal Island in the Port of Los Angeles. It was previously known as Global Gateway South (GGS). It is one of the largest in North America, spanning nearly 300 acres. Our team achieves well over a million lifts annually (about 2 million TEUs), thanks to our state-of-the-art command center and our commitment to flawless execution.

California Proposition 65 Warning: diesel engine exhaust and some of its constituents are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.



  • 23 entry/exit lanes
  • 10 dedicated all-purpose in-gates
  • 3 bobtail gates
  • 2 reversible gate lanes
  • 8 out-gate lanes
  • 10 scales for exports/outbound loads
  • Dedicated trucker help desk


  • Four 1,000-foot berths with minimum depth of 50 feet
  • Eight post-Panamax & eight Super post-Panamax container cranes
  • Directly adjacent to the ship-turning basin and deep-sea channel

On-Dock Rail

  • Eight working tracks with capacity for up to three double-stack trains at a time
  • Overall capacity for 64 five-well double-stack railcars, plus additional capacity for 74 railcars adjacent to the terminal
  • Accessible to Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroads

Container Yard

  • 292 acres
  • Wheeled and grounded operations, configurable for specific purposes
  • On-site maintenance and repair shop for containers, reefer equipment, and chassis
  • 27 Transtainers (RTGs) plus 51 top-picks for grounded operations
  • Over 700 reefer plugs, with reefer monitoring available 24/7
  • Over 210 yard tractors
  • Firms code: Y257

Gate Operating Hours

All gate operations and operating hours are subject to change.

Please reference eModal messages for updates regarding exception to the below standard schedule.

Shift Operating Hours

Monday – Friday


07:00 – 16:45


17:00 – 03:00

Vessel Schedule



614 Terminal Way
Terminal Island, CA 90731

From Seaside Freeway (CA-47) Westbound
  • Take Exit for Berths 301-305/Berths 401-406
  • After passing under Freeway, keep RIGHT toward Berths 302-305/Terminal Way
From Seaside Freeway (CA-47) Eastbound
  • Take Exit for Berths 301-305/Berths 401-406
  • At the light, turn RIGHT onto Navy Way
  • At next light, following sign for Berths 302-305, turn RIGHT under overpass onto Terminal Way
Trucks Only
  • Once on Terminal Way, keep RIGHT
Autos Only
  • Once on Terminal Way, keep LEFT
  • Turn LEFT just prior to Monument labelled “Fenix Marine Services, Berths 302-305, 614 Terminal Way”
  • Follow signs to Gatehouse

Appointment System Policies

Fenix Los Angeles (Pier 300) – Appointment System Policies for Laden Import container pickups

Appointment and Demurrage Policies

Fenix Marine Services would like to announce the following for appointment requirements and demurrage policies

Appointment requirements / policies

  • Appointments are required for all import, empty and export deliveries, including refrigerated containers and wheeled imports
  • Trucks without an appointment for pick up or delivery of will be denied entry
  • Appointments can be made on Voyage Control (fenixmarine.voyagecontrol.com)
  • Appointments are in 30-minute blocks, with a 45 minute grace period before and after the appointment
  • Appointments for non-exempt containers require TMF (PierPass) to be cleared
    • Note: TMF clearance is not needed at the time of appointment, but it is needed prior to driver arrival at the terminal
  • All missed appointments will be canceled immediately
  • All appointments require the below information to be entered into Voyage Control prior to the driver’s arrival to the gate complex:

Demurrage Policy

Requirements for Last Free Day Extension Requests

Last Free Day Extension request for no Appointment Availability

  • Screenshot of Voyage Control showing appointment options and must be within 24 hours of the first available day of delivery (for example Monday if it’s discharged on the weekend)
  • Secure soonest appointment available
  • Last Free Day update will be granted to the appointment date
  • Send the above information to FMS import clerks (Import Service Center)

Note: No extension will be given if the appointment creation attempt is not compliant. Please pay demurrage on Voyage Control or via the ocean carrier’s portal prior to arriving at the terminal.

Last Free Day Extension request for Missed Appointment

  • Gate ticket number must be provided showing the attempt
  • Screenshot of new appointment creation showing first available appointment was selected
  • If the Last Free Day extension is approved, an update will be granted to the appointment date
  • Send the above information to FMS import clerks (Import Service Center)

Note: If necessary proof of delivery attempt is not provided, then the Last Free Day update will be not be granted. Please pay demurrage on Voyage Control or via the ocean carrier’s portal prior to arriving at the terminal.

Appointment System Issues

  • If the container is showing clear and available on FMS website, but not Voyage Control, then please contact Voyage Control support at support@voyagecontrol.com; otherwise, FMS availability clerks can be reached via the Help Center thru the Import Service Center or 310-548-8815 Option 1
  • FMS does not exempt appointments  

Demurrage Issues and/or Questions

  • Contact FMS demurrage clerks via email at Import Service Center or 310-548-8815 Option 3
  • Contact Steamship Line – Requests for Last Free Day extension from Line to FMS will require same information described above or otherwise can be covered through Line’s established storage guarantee protocol

Fenix Terminal Rules & Procedures

  • Inspect vehicle for defects or mechanical problems before operating
  • Seatbelts must be worn in all vehicles at all times
  • Cell Phone and Personal Electronic Device use is prohibited while driving
  • All vehicle operators must obey posted speed, traffic signage and traffic patterns
  • All vehicle operators must follow all written and verbal instructions, including parking loads where assigned
  • Vehicles must be operated in a safe manner based on conditions and vehicle’s intended use
  • Drivers must have their vehicle under control at all times so that it can be brought to an emergency stop in the clear space in front of the vehicle
  • Be alert to all pedestrian traffic
  • Pedestrians and Terminal Equipment have the right of way
  • When leaving vehicle, set brakes, place in park and shut off motor
  • Use caution when mounting or dismounting elevated cabs
  • Safety vests and shoes are required while on terminal
  • All operators must ensure the 5th wheel is engaged prior to movement
  • No one may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol – ZERO TOLERANCE
  • Outside drivers must remain in vehicle while awaiting service
  • Trucks may not idle longer than 5 minutes (California State Law – title 13, CCR, section 2485)
  • In case of emergency – notify Security @ (310) 548-8711 – DO NOT CALL 911
  • First Aid Kits available – contact Security or EMS Supervision
  • In case of evacuation or emergency, Supervision or Security will direct you to the proper Assembly Area

Violation of these rules will be cause for discipline up to and including removal from the terminal and future access.